Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Welcome to First World White Girl, my blog about my adventures living outside of the first world.  Right now I am in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is definitely third world lite but a nice balance.

I traveled through South America all winter (summer for you northern world folk), exploring Peru, Chile, Argentina and Bolivia. Now, am back in BA to work on my spanish and the rest of my life. For the last dozen years, I worked in Washington DC in the political arena. An incredible experience that allowed me to meet amazing people, see cool things, learn about interesting stuff and opened me up to possibilities that exist in the world.

This blog will be a place for my writing and any other stuff that tickles my fancy as I explore this wonderful city and all it has to offer.


Tina said...

May I link to you on my blog, my sweet?

Unknown said...

of course dear! I will also link to you once i get myself up and running here. xx